Son Goku Bancho is the strongest and most powerful bancho in Kengo Academy. He is a proud and mighty fighter with a plethora of supernatural powers, abilities, and techniques to his name. 






Immense Strength: Son Goku Bancho's strength is such that he can quite easily hold his own and even damage other powerful bancho, including going toe-to-toe with two kongo's at once, Rasetsu Onizuka and Kyoryu Matsuda. He is capable of easily ripping through mountains with his powerful magical staff, the nyoikinkobo, and easily ripping through miles of solid rock and cities worth of steel with his bare hands alone.

Enormous Speed: Son Goku Bancho is shown to be as fast as he is mighty. He is capable of outpacing a number of speedsters with ease, including Track Bancho and Gyusha Bancho alike. His attacks are also shown to be enormously swift to the point he could trade blows with both Asura Bancho and Oni Bancho.

Huge Durability: Son Goku Bancho's body is illustrated time and time again as being extraordinarily enduring, as he is capable of being beaten down and dominated by Asura Bancho's extremely destructive fists for extended periods of time before sustaining any real form of injury. 


Nyoikinkobo(如意金箍棒, Literally. "Complimentary Golden Staff")